“come along as we unlock the mysteries of life, one pretty cool hotel at a time!” 

Sunset Inn :

1251 Kleeman Rd, Clinton, IL 61727


My rating : 5/5

Cleanliness : 5/5

Should you go : Literally yes, pack your bags, you’re going to Clinton, IL!!!

Worth the money : Absolutely

Average nightly cost : ~$200 depending on the day of the week and the room you choose!

Location : Clinton, IL. “Middle of nowhere”, as they say. Just know there’s not a lot around.

Time of year to go : Honestly anytime, but be careful of those midwest winter storms!!!

Recommended room or activity : I don’t think you can go wrong, but I LOVED Space Odyssey and Under the Sea and omg I’m going back asap to stay in their Winter Wonderland room.

Bed bugs : None, I checked.

Their website : http://www.sunsetinnandsuites.com/

This place is a national treasure. There, I said it.

We drove for several hours through nothing but corn fields to find this place and can I just say thank the good lord that we did. I was so nervous but upon arriving I was relieved to find a wonderful, welcoming, clean theme hotel! There’s really nothing else around so plan to spend most of your time in Clinton enjoying your suite.

We stayed in the Space Odyssey and it was epic. When I booked the room they informed me it was a smoking room but said they could “de-smoke” it for us before we arrived. I was incredibly skeptical and nervous about that but honestly it felt so clean and baaaaarely smelled like smoke. I think I remember saying it smelled like someone smoked 1 cigarette in there a week before we arrived. So a hint of smoke, perhaps less. Anyway! That was a great sign. The rest of the room was really clean too! The bed and comforter was clean and didn’t smell at all. The bed was VERY cool. The lights were awesome and I connected to the speakers with bluetooth and played music out of it. The lights and paint job and details were just wonderful. Very impressed. By this time I’ve noticed that a lot of “theme” or “adult” hotels don’t have doors on the bathrooms which still kinda freaks me out. They also tend to have a bidet which I find fascinating. Still kinda wondering why that’s a common thing for these rooms. Someone plz inform me.

Anyway, 10/10 experience. Loved it. The next day when we were checking out we asked the front desk if we could see some other rooms. They were SO nice and were happy to take us on a little tour. On the tour we saw Under the Sea, African Safari, Arabian Nights, and Wine and Chocolate. They were all wonderful and CLEAN. Sorry I keep getting excited that they’re clean, that’s just a rare treat with theme hotels. This hotel also has a pool and a Vegas-themed gambling room! Seriously. You’re gonna wanna make the trip out to this little gem.

Click to see the Instagram Highlight Story : https://youtu.be/JXqLKgr9rw8