“come along as we unlock the mysteries of life, one pretty cool hotel at a time!” 

Miami Princess Hotel :

4251 NW 11th St, Miami, FL 33126


My rating : 3/5

Cleanliness : 3/5 – wish the room had been kept a little nicer through the years but honestly it’s rare to see as much original decor as we did! Also, the owner did warn me the room I rented was “not the nicest” so I’m sure they have better/cleaner ones

Should you go : If you want to see some incredible, vintage decor – yes. Not totally sure about an overnight but it didn’t seem completely repulsive

Worth the money : Yes

Average nightly cost : I’m not sure – you can’t reserve in advance and I just rented one room for an hour, it was around $50

Location : Miami, FL

Time of year to go : Anytime

Recommended room or activity : The heart shaped bed and tub were perfection

Bed bugs : None in the room I checked

Their website : http://www.miamiprincess.com/


This is a fairly classic adult, rent by the hour, no-tell motel. I found a couple photos of it on the internet and thought it was worth stopping by. There wasn’t too much to see but I’m glad I went if only to see that heart-shaped bed in person. They’re mostly regular rooms with a couple theme rooms leftover from what looks like the 70’s or 80’s and they were definitely cool. There was a Disco room, a Cave room, a Space room, and a heart room. They all had some pretty incredible details (like those beveled mirrors, bless my soul) but the heart room was definitely my favorite. I rented it for an hour so I could take some pictures and it was lovely. If I’d had time I might’ve rented it for 2 hours and enjoyed the heart-shaped tub! There’s also a poll that looks like it’s been used by professionals (judging by the heel marks on the ceiling) so I’m sure this room has seen some wild nights. The bed was just what dreams are made of, I’m telling you. Sure it was stained and not exactly the nicest shape, but the crushed velvet on the walls and the heart-shaped mirror above the bed also surrounded in crushed red velvet was stunning. I can only hope my future home will look the same. The details are too wonderful. Why is this kind of thing disappearing these days?! Anyway, so lovely. I hope they don’t do any updates TBH cuz I might wanna visit again. Or buy this hotel someday and turn em all into theme rooms. Sigh…I dream.

Click here to see the Instagram Highlight Story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp8nw8MtCUc