Loop Inn Motel : Avenel, NJ :

A sexy love motel with 80s deco vibes. Afternoon or overnight rates are available.

Location: 1 Rodgers St, Avenel, NJ 07001

Cost: ~$100-350

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

This place is a gem in that it still has rooms that were designed in the 80’s, which means they have some incredibly, authentic decor. The bad part about that is, the heart-shaped mattresses and bright red carpeting are incredibly worn down and not very comfortable. Having said that, this place wasn’t made for a good nights sleep. It was made for lovin’, so if you use it accordingly, you’ll get enough bang for your buck. See a variety of rooms featured on their website and book ahead or see what’s available upon arrival.

Cleanliness Rating: 3/5

Clean enough to stay, but not clean enough to make me not think about how clean it was…or wasn’t. Our room didn’t smell but others have reported strong smoke odor. The floor was covered in stains and the mattress looked much older than me. I’m not saying any of this to complain, I loved the room enough to be forgiving, but I don’t want to paint a picture without the details. You’ve been warned!

Favorite Room: We only stayed in one of the Honeymoon Suites and didn’t have time for a tour this round. We’ll definitely go back because there is so much more to explore! I loved experiencing the excessive mirrors and spooky-sexy vibes of our room.

Website: http://www.loopinn.com/index.html

Booking Info: Book directly on their website or call ahead to make sure the room you’d like is available.

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