“come along as we unlock the mysteries of life, one pretty cool hotel at a time!” 

Cove Haven : In The Beginning… :

194 Lakeview Dr, Lakeville, PA 18438


My rating : 5/5

Cleanliness : 4/5

Should you go : 1000x yes

Worth the money : YES. So much is included in that cost – so many activities!

Average nightly cost : ~$200, depends on the room you choose, day of the week, and if you book all inclusive. The all inclusive option gets you breakfast and dinner in their dining room, it’s an experience all in itself so I’d say you have to go at least once! You can always add meals later on if you chance your mind.

Location : Lakeville, PA. Just a couple hours from NYC.

Time of year to go : Summer if you’re into water sports and a heart-shaped pool. Winter if you like a cozy vibe and staying in the privacy of your own room.

Recommended room or activity : My favorite is probably Champagne Tower but you almost have to also try a Harbour Tower for the adorable pink tub.

Bed bugs? : None found.

Their website : https://www.covepoconoresorts.com/our-resorts/cove-haven-lakeville-pa/

I don’t even know how to fit all the wonderful things about Cove Haven into a blogpost, but here’s an attempted overview.

I knew about Cove Haven because of a photo series I love that Juno Calypso took in a heart shaped bathtub. I’ve loved this image for years and when I found out it was taken at a hotel in Pennsylvania, just a couple hours from NYC, I decided to make the trip out to see it. I booked 2 nights there because I also saw they had a room called the Champagne Tower and my interest was piqued. What I failed to realize was that this is an all-inclusive, adults-only, romance-themed resort that is basically my dreamland IRL. It feels like visiting a time in the past that is separate from modern day, fast-paced, image-conscious society. It feels like walking onto the set of a 90’s romantic comedy, but you’re the lead role. Omg. I can’t explain the actual haven this place is. Needless to say, when we checked in, I was thrilled. The rooms are wonderful. Kitschy, and what some would call outdated? Sure. But clean and vintage and sexy? Absolutely. The first room we stayed in was the Harbour Tower. The heart shaped tub was surrounded by mirrors and definitely perfect for 2. The bed was round and above it was a ceiling of stars that slowly change colors and mesmerize you. A true dream. The second room we stayed in was the Champagne Tower and it was honestly the coolest room I’ve ever seen in fantasy or IRL. There’s a heart shaped hot tub AND a bathtub that is in the shape of, you guessed it, a champagne glass. It is incredibly roomy and while 2 people are perfectly comfortable in it, I would guess that 6 would be too. Not that I’m suggesting that. So. The rooms? My dreamland. The rest of the resort? Also my dreamland. This place has so much to do and see. Tennis courts (indoor and outdoor), bocce ball, pool tables, a FAKE ICE SKATING RINK (yup), archery, 2 arcade rooms, a heart shaped pool, an indoor pool, tanning beds, saunas, a gym, mini golf, paddle boating, SPEED BOATING, activities, I mean…this is all just the stuff you get to do for free when you check in. Oh and the gift shop is a goldmine if you’re into gift shops. I wanted to go twice a day. We also booked a session with their photographer to come take photos of us in our room. I have to say they were not only fitting to the scene, but an absolutely wonderful memory to take with us. We bought a whole bunch of prints and fell in love with our photographer, Duane.

Now. Before I get carried away and say EVERYONE has to go, I will say this…Cove Haven is not for everyone. Not because they don’t welcome anyone, but because I know it’s such a specific experience that not everyone would love. If you’re looking for a 5-star resort that is impeccably clean, 5-star meals, posh drinks, and everything runs perfectly and you’re waited on hand and foot, please don’t come here. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. If you love vintage decor, romance, weird hotels, hanging out with a bunch of other couples, some incredibly kind staff, and just experiencing something that feels like you’ve gone back in time, this is for you. It is…bizarre. Of course it’s bizarre. That’s the beauty of it and I will stand by this place till the day I die.

Instagram Highlight Story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAg5_adCNfQ&t=1s


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