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Sybaris Indianapolis

5466 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46268

My rating : 5/5

Cleanliness : 5/5

Should you go : If you have some spare $ and love weird fun, then yes.

Worth the money : I have to say yes because it’s well run and so clean – but that ain’t cheap.

Average nightly cost : Wide range of rooms from $100/night to $600/night, although they do offer 4-hour “nap” rates that are $79-$209 so you can still get the experience for less!

Location : Indianapolis, IN – but there are other midwest locations!

Time of year to go : Anytime, baby. No windows. (Well, one in the bathroom!)

Recommended room or activity : The Chalet Pool Suite – gotta have that slide, come on!

Bed bugs : None, I checked.

Their website : https://www.sybaris.com/locations/indianapolis-in/


                The Sybaris chain in the midwest is fairly well-known. I’d heard of it when I was going to college in Illinois, and a lot of people later told me they remember late-night TV commercials for it. Now…my expectations were low because you never know what to actually expect out of an adult hotel that you can rent for an “afternoon nap” which is exactly what we did here. Upon arrival you check in and sign some paperwork, then you’re off through the gate. I’m not totally sure why this place is gated, but I have some guesses. We got the Challet Pool Suite and it had a private garage. When we walked in I was honestly thrilled with the room. It’s both kind of weird and creepy and absolutely dreamy and perfect. One of my favorite parts about an adult hotel is that they’re usually kinda dark and either have little or no windows so it’s like a Vegas casino where you can’t be sure if it’s 3am or 3pm while you’re in there. It’s another world. Anyway, this is a good world. The bedroom is somehow both completely tame and a little kinky. It’s a midwest kinky. It looks like your parents bedroom, but like there’s mirrors above the bed and some cool lights around too. I’m all for it. It was super clean and not a single stain was seen. The robes were soft and felt brand-new. The massage chairs were honestly incredible. I could have easily sat there for an hour if I wasn’t worried about wasting one of only 4 we’d reserved. So good. The slide and the pool? As fun and weird as it looks. You can plug your phone in and play your own music (and oh we did) and just have a weird, naked pool party. Omg what a world we live in. The steam room is FIERCE. Like be careful in there, it’s overwhelming. I couldn’t be in there for more than a couple minutes.

               All in all, it was way too fun, and way too short. Next time I’m definitely spending the night, even though it’s pricey. Don’t you want to slide from your bedroom into a warm pool on a cold winter night?! Or like any night?! Well I do. So I’ll be back. The only funny part was they don’t have a license to sell alcohol at their gift shop so we bought a bottle of sparkling apple cider and ya know, it kinda fit the mood perfectly. 10/10, would swim with Sybaris again.

          Click here to watch the Instagram Highlight Story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N3NVCSd4Ro&t=21s