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Red Carpet Inn Greenwood FantaSuites

1117 E Main St, Greenwood, IN 46143


My rating : 4/5 – not for sleeping there but just to check out. Can’t vouch for an overnight.

Cleanliness : I would say 3/5 at first glance but again, the article scared me. If they’ve made huge changes and efforts to clean…then great. I can’t say what shape it’s in currently!

Should you go : Hmm…I’m torn!! So many incredible rooms…but it’s risky. Your call.

Worth the money : Again, I’m torn. It’s a complete treasure trove of incredible theme suites. I think you’ll just want to look for bed bugs before you commit for the night!

Average nightly cost : $160 – cheaper during the week

Location : Greenwood, IN – not far from Indianapolis

Time of year to go : Anytime – weather permitting (for the drive)

Recommended room or activity : Sooo many good ones if you’re brave enough, honestly. That igloo room was incredible, so was the Pink Cadillac room wow!! Also Cinderella omg…!

Bed bugs : I did not check – but the article sure scared me

Their website : http://www.greenwoodfantasuites.com/


This place might be the king of theme suites. There are so many to choose from and even though we got a private tour from a maintenance man we couldn’t see them all. They offer daily tours so if you’re in the area and want to check it out give them a call! It’s worth a walk through at the very least.

So, this one gets an A for effort because man they really get detailed in their decor and that’s really what a theme suite is about. The igloo room, the cupid room, the 50’s room, the space room, the cinderella room…they were all incredible. Now…we didn’t stay overnight so I cannot speak to the cleanliness as much as I’d like to but I will say this. The rooms seemed pretty dang clean. Maybe a little old and dusty, but not like *gross*. However. I did find an article (link to https://www.wthr.com/article/13-investigates-safety-concerns-greenwood-fanta-suites-hotel ) about this place shortly after I saw it and it did NOT make me want to sleep there. Apparently they have some major issues with their clientele (uhh cops getting called there 3 times a week on average) and some serious health concerns (bed bugs is just a start) SO I’m not sure how worth it this one is. They ARE making changes, and according to their website they’re in the middle of switching from carpet to hard floors so that’s probably a good sign that they’re going in the right direction. Again, these rooms are incredible, but until I’m absolutely sure they’re improving things, and maybe until they’re under new management, I can’t say I’d choose to sleep here. I’ll keep my eye on this one. If you’re wondering if I’m being dramatic, go ahead and read the article.

Click Here for the Instagram Highlight Story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAQCs0DrT4Q&t=5s

Mustang Motel

4121 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90062


My rating : 2/5 – had to give those 2 for the INCREDIBLE decor that is remaining – although it’s all quite grimy

Cleanliness : 1/5

Should you go : Maybe for some photos – not ideal for an overnight IMO. You can’t reserve a room in advance fyi

Worth the money : Yes – not very pricey

Average nightly cost : $100 – they also rent by the hour. We paid cash but they probably take card

Location : Los Angeles, CA

Time of year to go : Anytime – or no time

Recommended room or activity : I think we had the Garden Penthouse – they were kind enough to let us look in there first to make sure it had the heart-shaped tub we wanted! There are other cool looking rooms there too, not all with heart-shaped tubs

Bed bugs : Not that I saw – but I did not check the mattress. Didn’t want to look at that thing too closely!

Their website : http://www.mustangmotels.com/index.html – notice it says “nicest motel in the area!” …makes you wonder…might need to check out more in that area!


I didn’t sleep here, and I didn’t even get a tour, but I did a video shoot here so I get a lot of questions about it. Why not just throw this in as an extra post so you can have more info on another weird hotel.

This place is…sketchy. It’s pay by the hour and you can’t reserve a room in advance. When you get there you’re greeted by a person you can’t see behind a 2-way mirror. They were kind enough to let us pick a room with a heart-shaped tub (which is really why we were there) but it was not very nice. It’s the kind of place that I would be in love with if it were clean, but it just isn’t. The carpet looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years, well…everything looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years. There’s quite a smell too, and the smoke detector was covered with a garbage bag and duct tape. But! Besides the dirt and grime, the details were perfection. The heart painted tiles on the ceiling? The heart shaped tub? The mirrors? It was all so good. It’s perfect for a shoot, not perfect for a clean place to lay your head. Also, know that if you turn on the TV you will immediately be greeted by some h-core visuals.

In case you’re wondering, no they didn’t know we were filming there but it was only a few of us and it was just a personal project, I wasn’t shooting a commercial. Also, yes I absolutely scrubbed the tub (twice) before I asked someone to get in it. I would highly recommend bringing cleaning products if you’re planning on doing anything here.

If you’re not sure what room you want, ask to see a couple options. If it’s someone nice they’ll show you a couple to choose from.

Good luck out there!