House on the Rock : Spring Green, WI

House on the Rock: An incredibly unusual, unhinged, impressive, and overwhelming museum made out of the personal collections and creations of Alex Jordan Jr. It is technically also a hotel, but we didn’t stay there since the rooms aren’t as cool and elaborate as the museum portion. We stay nearby at the Don Q Inn theme hotel, and recommend reserving a solid 3+ hours to walk through the museum. It’s incredibly hard to explain, but be prepared to see inside the mind of someone who was a little bit brilliant and quite a bit mystifying.

Location: Spring Green, Wisconsin

Cost: ~$30

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

It’s hard to rate this experience because I don’t know what else to compare it to!!! All I can say is…we’re glad we saw it, but also once we were out we needed a long nap. You’re kind of left saying “what did we just see?!” over and over. Hot tip – get extra tokens and don’t spend them all in the first few rooms – some of the most elaborate ‘machines’ come at the end! 

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Funny to rate a museum’s cleanliness – but I guess we could warn you that it’s probably a little dusty. 

Favorite Room: My favorite room was the carousel room – so make sure you get that far! Loved the absurdity but also the mannequin angels overhead. 


Booking Info: Check their website for seasonal hours – and get tickets there! 

Episode: No episode but here’s a video peek inside:

Riverport Inn and Express Suites : Winona, MN

Riverport Inn and Express Suites: A basic hotel in Winona, Minnesota that doesn’t look all that unusual on the outside – but on the inside they have 2 rooms that feature vintage convertible car beds! One is red, one is white, and both rooms have a corner jacuzzi tub as well.

Location: Winona, Minnesota

Cost: ~$150-$200

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This is one of my favorite types of hotels to stumble on – one that looks so incredibly unremarkable, but has a couple hidden gems inside. We had lots of fun and thought the sleep was totally fine for 2 people under 6 feet tall. Hard to say what it would be like as a taller human, and I guess some folks might find sleeping in the car not so comfortable, but it was a cozy night! Not bad for a fun little themed getaway. The bar and restaurant was great too!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

The car was in SUCH good shape and that made me so happy to see. There was a little dust here and there, and I understand it’s hard to keep a room like that clean, but we did sleep there fine with no issues so if you’re comfortable at a basic hotel, this will be fine for you.

Favorite Room: I personally loved the white convertible room but the red looked sweet too!


Booking Info: You can book and see their availability directly on their website. 

Episode: No episode but here’s a video tour:

Best Western Fireside Inn : Ontario, Canada

Best Western Fireside Inn : Ontario, Canada

A Best Western in Kingston that features a few classic theme suites – and these are truly out of this world. We stayed in the Tranquility Base space room, Up Up and Away hot air balloon room, as well as the Lord and Lady room that features English decor and a Rolls-Royce bed.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Cost: ~$300-$500

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

We have been to so many theme hotels now it’s hard to believe we can still be surprised, shocked, and overwhelmed with what we find behind that door. This hotel truly had that effect on us – I couldn’t believe the scale and detail in each room! These have to be some of the largest and most interactive rooms we’ve seen. Besides the fact that the rooms are beyond fantastical – the whole hotel was so lovely. The breakfast was delicious, the staff was helpful, and the restaurant was so fun we ate there every night of our stay! It feels like a part of the experience but is also great, classic pub food. Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a fantastic theme experience! They even include a chilled beverage and chocolate covered strawberries with your room.

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

One of the cleanest theme hotels – and even hotels in general – that we’ve stayed in. I’m SO impressed because normally in rooms like these, you’re bound to find some dust, a cobweb, or even a sock left behind from a previous guest. There are just so many nooks and crannies to check! No issues here at all. Didn’t even feel the need to clean the tub first, personally. 

Favorite Room: It is so hard to choose – but I will say both the Tranquility Base and Up Up and Away actually took my breath away. I already want to go back!


Booking Info: Call the hotel for theme room availability and pricing: 613-549-2211 


Grandpa’s Pool House : Stanchfield, MN

Grandpa’s Pool House: This is a 1980’s home turned Airbnb and photoshoot rental owned by a woman named Eva. The house belonged to her grandparents and after their passing she wanted to give it a second life. Eva has spent the last couple years fixing up the maintenance issues and also putting her own glorious spin on the place by bringing in lots of kitschy, vintage, and fantasy elements. The home is an eclectic mixture of 70’s and 80’s decor, but is also incredibly functional as a vacation house. Nothing else quite like it, and it certainly brings a new element of pizzazz to the Midwest!

Location: Stanchfield, MN

Cost: ~$1000 for overnights and ~$125/hour for weekday photoshoots. The house can sleep up to 14!!

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

As someone who was born and raised in the Midwest, this place just warms my heart. It has so many elements that feel true to the Midwest roots, but also brings in glamour I’m not used to seeing in small town Minnesota! Eva is the kindest and coolest host who really wants you to make yourself at home. She even has a costume area so you can fit right into the decor! Such a fun place for a girls trip, a party, a bachelorette party, or just a good old fashioned Midwest getaway. We drove well out of our way to see it and I’m so glad we did!

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

Eva has done so much to maintain this place and everything felt so clean! I will say – be warned the mosquitos get bad in the summer. Just remembered to warn you.

Favorite Room: We slept in the pink room and I loved it! Kinda want to try the water bed next time.


Booking Info:

Episode: Coming in July!

The Darling Mansion : Toronto, ON

The Darling Mansion: Victorian Mansion in Toronto, Ontario, covered in shrubbery and vines on the outside and eclectic artwork on the inside. It’s used for private events, photoshoots, weddings, and overnights.

Location: 224 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON M6J 3E1, Canada

Cost: They no longer use Airbnb for rentals since they rent for a large variety of things so just reach out through the contact info on their website if you’re interested in staying! They can give you pricing and availability.

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

Look. This place gets the perfect score because they’re just not competing with anyone. They’re their own category here. It’s part historical site, part museum, part arthouse, part sexy getaway…it’s just a really cool and fascinating space, and the owner/curator Tanya is an inspiring character. She’s brought in so much taxidermy, sensual artwork, larger-than-life pieces to interact with, and she’s so welcoming and knowledgable. This is a great spot to stay when visiting Toronto and I hope to stop in for a party one day!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

When you’re dealing with a house that’s hundreds of years old you of course have elements that are vintage, worn down, or even broken. Having said that, we thought everything felt well maintained and comfortable for our stay! We know not everyone has the same standards as we do so just know what feels comfortable to you.

Favorite Room: We stayed in the Opium Den which was perfect for us. We loved the shower room and the balcony!


Booking Info: Reach out through their website to inquire!

Episode: Instagram posts only

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