52 Stafford Hotel and Pub : Plymouth, Wisconsin

52 Stafford Hotel and Pub: Charming hotel that has a bed and breakfast feel. Vintage interiors and decor, plus a delicious pub and restaurant downstairs. The oldest continuously operating hotel in Wisconsin!

Location: Plymouth, Wisconsin

Cost: ~$150

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

Love the historic feel to this hotel and the way they’ve kept the vintage decor without letting the experience suffer. Bed was comfortable and linens were like new – which always makes a huge difference! Food and drinks at the pub downstairs were soo good, like a home cooked meal. No live music while we were there but they advertise that on different nights of the week. I bet it’s a cool experience because the vibe here was already cozy. I guess the only weird thing that happened was the jets in our tub turned on randomly when the tub wasn’t full…so maybe it’s haunted!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Everything seemed well kept up despite the wear of an old building and vintage pieces!

Favorite Room: None in particular


Booking Info: Book through their website or call


Historic Davenport Hotel : Spokane, Washington

Historic Davenport Hotel: Stunning hotel in downtown Spokane with classically designed interiors and a honeymoon suite.

Location: Spokane, Washington

Cost: Prices start around $200 for a room and about $450 for the Honeymoon Suite.

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This hotel is much more classical and historic than we’re used to staying in, but it was such a fun way to mix things up! Plus, with a heart-shaped tub in the honeymoon suite, we still felt right at home. This place is absolutely stunning, top to bottom. We spent the afternoon walking around the lobby, conference rooms, hallways, and whatever other open rooms we could find. There is so much gorgeous architecture, decor, carpeting, lighting, I could go on! It’s pricey for the honeymoon suite, but it is a really nice and clean tub. Had a lovely stay and would recommend checking it out!

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

No issues. Despite it being an old building, the place is kept up quite well and they are super accommodating. 

Favorite Room: Honeymoon Suite – but they have some other cool looking rooms too! They have a circus room but sadly it was booked so we didn’t get a peek this time. 


Booking Info: Book through their website.


Best Western Merry Manor Inn : Portland, Maine

Just a cute little Best Western with a cute little name and couple of themed rooms.

Location: Portland, Maine

Cost: ~$150-$250 but call for theme room specifics

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

This was a cute and unassuming Best Western that surprised us with 2 themed rooms! One was a Captain suite – like captain of a ship – with some light nautical themes – and the other was a super cute Cabin room! The cabin room was a little more decorated and had some cozy amenities like a jacuzzi, fireplace, appropriate decor, and a massage chair! All in all a great place to spend the night if you’re looking for a cabin-in-the-woods feel but…..inside of a Best Western!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Some wear and tear but really the rooms were in great shape.

Favorite Room: Cabin room! Called Maine Lake Lodge.


Booking Info: Book through their website but if you don’t see the themed rooms pop up give them a call – I’ve had issues finding them online!


Best Western White House Inn : Bangor, Maine

Best Western White House Inn: Whitehouse-themed Best Western? Why not! There are a handful of themed rooms here but they’re less fantasy and more …history. We stayed in the Romance Suite of course but were right across from the Lincoln Bedroom and just down the hall from the Wilderness Lodge, Maine Lodge, and Captain Lafayette.

Location: Bangor, Maine

Cost: ~$250-$350 for a jacuzzi suite.

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

Another road trip, another surprising Best Western! Decor throughout that feels like…well, the white house! Plenty of stars and stripes, lots of eagles, and a hallway dedicated to the portraits of every president and first lady in the history of the US. Their lounge, that was sadly closed while we were there, was called the Filibuster Lounge. Omg. The hotel has a vintage, victorian feel to it – but everything felt clean and comfortable. Our suite was spacious and the heart shaped tub was lovely after a long day of driving. All in all a great and funny stop for us! Wish we’d gotten to see the other themed suites but they were booked up. Must be a popular place!

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5

Some vintage pieces that can show wear but all in all things were kept up well!

Favorite Room: Romance Suite for sure. Kinda doubt the Lincoln bedroom had a heart shaped tub!


Booking Info: Book through their website.

Episode: Posts coming soon

Aura : Midlothian, IL

One of the Prestige Club hotels in the Chicago area and a sister property to a previous hotel we visited called AXIS. This is a 21 and up, members only hotel that includes their Axis and Ambiance locations. Membership is around $30/year and you can apply online or in person. You no longer have to live in the area to apply.

Location: Midlothian, IL

Cost: ~ $75-$500 depending on the room and how long you stay. 4 hour, 8 hour, or overnight rates are offered.

Our Overall Rating: 4/5
This hotel has a similar vibe to Axis – very dark n sexy but feels like a fairly modern hotel. Their biggest suite – the Luxe – has a hot tub downstairs and bedroom and little lounge area upstairs. Another suite we tried, Bliss, was smaller but still had a nice tub (with one of those funny ceiling faucets), but no bathroom door which can put a damper on the romance at times lol! Bonus points for having fun, colorful mood lighting, mirrors on the ceiling, plus a Tantra Liberator sex chair in both of the rooms. I think this is a great short-stay sexy hotel for a fun afternoon or evening, but I will say this one was noticeably noisy!! And not because of other guests – although the walls are quite thin – but from the staff! Which was so funny considering the type of hotel it is, but I thought it was worth a warning. Maybe bring a speaker or noise machine lol All in all, for a sexy short-stay style hotel, this is a good one.

Cleanliness Rating: 4/5
Cleanliness was pretty good, especially for a short-stay style hotel, but I will say the towels are old and in desperate need of an upgrade, and the rooms can be a little musty with all those tubs, showers, and steam rooms! Appreciated the sanitization card on the sex chair though! lol

Favorite Room: Surprisingly liked the Bliss room better than the Luxe – but maybe that’s because I like a bath tub more than I like a hot tub when it comes to hotel rooms! I did like Axis more – just better amenities in the Lush suite and for a similar price it’s what I would choose…but to each their own!


Booking Info: Book through their website.


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