Adventure Suites : North Conway, NH

An intricate, unique, fabulous theme hotel with sexy rooms for adults, child-friendly rooms for families, and huge experiential rooms for parties and larger groups.

Location: 3440 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860

Cost: ~$175-$2000 depending on the room, season, and number of people in your party.

Our Overall Rating: 5/5

This place is really in a league of its own. The rooms range from entry-level themes, to the massive several-story Haunted Castle that sleeps up to 18 guests. I was so impressed with the range but also with the details in some of these rooms. They are all custom made which means we saw brand new themes and designs instead of some of the cookie-cutter decor we can be used to at a theme hotel. They have a spa, a gift shop, a restaurant and bar, and a whole lot of space for activities. Perfect for a family gathering, friend getaway, or maybe a bachelorette party. I was so sad to leave and can’t wait to go again and experience more!

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

You can tell the whole hotel is so cared for. From the time you drive up and see the themed exterior of the building you know you’re in a special place. Besides the fact that we slept in the scariest room EVER, everything was incredibly clean.

Favorite Room: I will forever be impressed by the Haunted Castle experience, it’s not like anything we’ve seen before, and I’d be ok never seeing it again! (Can you tell I’m still recovering?) Besides that, the Deserted Island has an incredible shell bed, Cupid’s Corner is a classic, and the Dragons Lair looks so cool. But also the Showtime room, the Roman room, and the Club room all look like they need their own moment!!


Booking Info: Book directly on their website.

Episode: Episode coming soon!

Liberty Inn : New York, NY

An unassuming love motel for short stay rentals in New York City.

Location: 51 10th Ave, New York, NY 10014

Cost: ~$90-$250 depending on the length of your stay

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

It’s hard for me to know if this is an accurate rating because we didn’t stay here – just got a tour from the friendly manager. What I can tell you is, it was incredibly professional, looked and smelled incredibly clean, and had some cool design and features. Nothing “themed”, but some cool lighting and mirrors and of course jacuzzi tubs. Seems like a great place to have a couple hours of private fun. Be warned, they don’t always allow overnight stays so it may be afternoon-only.

Cleanliness Rating: 5/5

From everything we saw and reviews I’ve read this looks like it’s well maintained.

Favorite Room: Any with the mirrors and tubs!


Booking Info: Book directly on their website.

Feather Nest Inn : Cherry Hill, NJ

A classic adults-only theme hotel in New Jersey that also features regular jacuzzi suites.

Location: 703 Hampton Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Cost: ~$150-250

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

We love a classic theme hotel and this one hits a lot of the marks! Their Cave room is so colorful and detailed, it’s uniqueness makes it stand out in a category that’s quite crowded. It was spacious and sexy and pretty comfortable too! For a theme hotel that’s been well loved for several decades, I’m impressed with the shape it’s still in.

Cleanliness Rating: 3.5/5

The sheets and towels were clean and new enough but the fact that this is a vintage motel definitely means you’re going to notice lots of wear and tear. I’m pretty sure the carpeting was as old as me, but I forgave that because it is so unique and fun! Just be aware that this is not an updated motel and it’s not going to feel squeaky clean in any way. The second room we were in had a strong smoke smell so we kept the door open while it aired out. Just be aware of what you’re heading into and you can have some fun times here!

Favorite Room: The Ice Cave! Nothing quite like it.


Booking Info: Book directly on their website.

Episode: Episode coming soon!

Loop Inn Motel : Avenel, NJ

A sexy love motel with 80s deco vibes. Afternoon or overnight rates are available.

Location: 1 Rodgers St, Avenel, NJ 07001

Cost: ~$100-350

Our Overall Rating: 4/5

This place is a gem in that it still has rooms that were designed in the 80’s, which means they have some incredibly, authentic decor. The bad part about that is, the heart-shaped mattresses and bright red carpeting are incredibly worn down and not very comfortable. Having said that, this place wasn’t made for a good nights sleep. It was made for lovin’, so if you use it accordingly, you’ll get enough bang for your buck. See a variety of rooms featured on their website and book ahead or see what’s available upon arrival.

Cleanliness Rating: 3/5

Clean enough to stay, but not clean enough to make me not think about how clean it was…or wasn’t. Our room didn’t smell but others have reported strong smoke odor. The floor was covered in stains and the mattress looked much older than me. I’m not saying any of this to complain, I loved the room enough to be forgiving, but I don’t want to paint a picture without the details. You’ve been warned!

Favorite Room: We only stayed in one of the Honeymoon Suites and didn’t have time for a tour this round. We’ll definitely go back because there is so much more to explore! I loved experiencing the excessive mirrors and spooky-sexy vibes of our room.


Booking Info: Book directly on their website or call ahead to make sure the room you’d like is available.

Regal Inn and Suites : Rosedale, MD

A roadside love motel with mirror-covered rooms, heart shaped tubs, and a dirty reputation.

Location: 8005 Pulaski Hwy, Rosedale, 21237, MD

Cost: ~$75-$200

Our Overall Rating: 2/5

Some of these mirrored rooms have SO much potential it hurts. Mirror covered walls and ceilings, plus cool tiles and heart tubs? Basically a love motel dream! Unfortunately, the way the rooms have been kept make them feel a little bit like old musty storage rooms, with broken furniture and scattered decor. Visit this motel if you’d like to go on some sort of strange, sad adventure, but don’t expect it to make a good romantic getaway.

Cleanliness Rating: 1/5

Visibly broken mirrors, smoke detectors, and door locks. Black mold on walls and ceilings. A cockroach staring at me from the wall above. Oh, and an exterminator was waiting for us when we checked out because he was called to spray the room. Guess we lucked out in seeing it before he got there!

Favorite Room: One of the suites has a heart tub surrounded by black and white tiles with some cool ceiling mirrors. Such great inspiration, even though it was run down.


Booking Info: Book on but don’t expect that they’ll be holding a room for you. Best way is to just show up.

Episode: No episode about this location.

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